Fiskeholmen is the second generation floating cabin.
Fiskholmen is larger then the previous Sjøstjernen. It has a total area of 175 m2 where 75 m2 is living area.
The cabin contains a livingroom, kitchen, three bedrooms (8 beds), bathroom, storage room, and a boat garage.
A garage with roof over for the boat makes sure you can walk straight from the boat into the cabin without getting wet. It also creates a place outside to work on rainy days.
When you rent the cabin you get a catemaran to use with it. It is very steady and is equiped with a 15 hk outboard engine.

Apart from two bikes and three kayaks there is a nice small sailing boat for you to use.

The kitchen is large and spacious with seating for 8 people.

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In the floor there is a window of hardened glass. During the night there is a spotlight that lights up the sea underneath.
Kitchen table with built in decoration.

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The kitchen with the livingroom in the background.
One of the livingroom corners where the front of a old boat is used as a table.
The livingroom seen from the right side.
The livingroom seen from the left side.
The master bedroom with a old boat as the roof over the bed.
The view from the master bedroom looking out over the sea.
Bedroom with two beds, one double and one single above.
Decoration on the bedroom.
A closed fireplace in the livingroom gives a good atmosphere and heat.
Sunrise seen from the cabin.
A drawing of the cabin.
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