Sjøstjernen floating cabin is a truly nature friendly solution for the future. Sjøstjernens attack on nature is minimal in comparison to modern coastal cabin areas where nature is destroyed by new roads and power cables. It can be delivered as a self reliant unit with its own water and power supply.

Many see the Sjøstjernen as the optimal cabin as well as having 40 metres of “coastline” they also have 40 metres of deep water quays!

The large outdoor areas on 3 sides, gives a good and safe place for all generations to enjoy their free time. Here the fisher can land his fish directly into the frying pan. This is unthinkable for those who build land based Cabins who have to be 100m from the shore line.

Floating cabins do not ”privatise” the coastline.

Public authorities and insurance companies classify Sjøstjernen as a boat.

Fiskholmen is the next generation floating cabin. You can read more about this new cabin by pressing this link: Fiskholmen
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