On this page you can find a short presentation of Sjøstjernen, the rooms and its functionality. More pictures can be found on the Information page.

Sjøstjernen has a unique triangular construction that gives great strength and flexibility. The advantage of a triangular instead of a rectangular construction, is that most of the floating devices is placed where the majority of the weight is, under the cabin.

Sjøstjernen is placed in beautiful surroundings in Bugta, Bremanger community, in the western part of Sogn & Fjordane
Sjøstjernen is environment friendly and does not damage the nature.
Sjøstjernens flotation is provided by 18 specially constructed flotation devices in neoprene plastic (the same kind as in Pioner and River boats). The devices are filled with isopor.

Sjøstjernen has a total weight of about 23 tonnes. Flotation uplift is of about 63 tonnes.
The main construction is solid waterproofed wood. None of wood is in contact with the water.

The materials used in Sjøstjernen requires minimum maintenance. All the exterior woodwork is waterproofed and over coated with Drygolin Extrem Paint.

Exterior wall panelling is of a 12mm OSB Plate ( A mixture of ”sponplater” and cross veneer”) which is impregnated with Oil-type impregnation and coated with Drygolin Extrem paint. All cabin exterior walls are insulated with 10cm Glava isolation.

The roof is a traditional joist design with joists of 48 x 198 used. 20 cm of Glava insulation is used. The inner roof is OSB plating and exteriorly covered with Isola Paper Shingle.

If it is necessary to lift the 23 tonnes Sjøstjernen out of the water; there are designated lifting eyes at each corner of the structure.
The exterior of Sjøstjernen has wide roof covered walkways. In each of the three corners there are larger areas for outdoor activities like barbeque and sunbathing. On one of the sides there is a floating dock for easy access by boat.
By using one of the two boats, you have access to areas on land for barbeque, a small beach suitable for children, and a lawn for different games.
The bathroom is built and equipped with easily maintained materials. All equipment is made from Stainless steel. All interior doors have “port-holes”. The bathroom has also a door from the outside. The Bathroom is equipped with Shower-cabinet, toilet, wash-basin and washing machine.
The cabin is equipped with a practical kitchen. The gas-cooker has a good sized oven, with a glass covered exhaust fan built in over the cooker. Over the cupboards there is a Foma warm air pump which acts as both air-conditioning and central-heater. The refrigerator and dishwashing machine is of Bosch design. The inner dining area is designed for 4 persons, but there is also an outdoor dining area for 4 for fine summer evening meals.
Living room:
The living area is cosily designed with dark floor, white walls and large windows to catch the entrancing setting sun colours. The living area is divided into 2 areas; one with sofa, 2 arm-chairs and coffee table. The other part has two reading chairs with good reading light. The cabin is equipped with television, radio, CD and DVD player. The central part of the Living area has a gas fire which is instantly warming the cabin on the cooler days of summer. The specially designed stairway to the two bedrooms is also found in the living room. This uniquely designed stairway uses minimum space.
The two bedrooms are equipped with one single and one double bed each. One of the bedrooms has a special window that opens up in two parts to create a small veranda.
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