Thanks to:

The prototype of Sjøstjernen has become a reality with the help of:

Siv. Ing Ola Lilloe-Olsen, for calculations of flotation and stability.
Tine C. Stenbakk, for design and interior.

I would also like to thank the following contributors:

Dooria AS, inside doors.
Bauge Trevare AS, outside doors and windows.
Emil Fjeld AS, woodwork/finished panels.
Partner Plast AS, flotation devices.
Icopal ASA
, roof fixing.
Gangsø eftf AS, furniture.
Foma AS, heat pump/air-condition.
Måløy Smie, stealworks.
Ingve Solheim, electrical installations.
Velux Norge AS, roof windows/veranda.
Florø Interiør AS, parisian blinds.
Vest Elektro AS, lighting.
Bygma ASA, bathroom wall panels.
Sunnvind AS, kitchen outfitting.
Glava ASA, insulation.
Jotun ASA, outdoor paint.
Hagen Treindustri AS, stairs.
Byggeren Florø AS, building materials.
Deloitte, counciling.
Råd og Regnskap Florø AS, accounting.
Stenbakk IT, webdesign.

Bygghjelp Sunnfjord AS
Ole Stenbakk
Ide utvikler, tegning og bygging

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